Never Forgotten

Edd and Henrietta Williams shortly before his murder.
Edd Williams and his wife Henrietta were childhood sweethearts. Son Yancy says they had been close since about age 4.

This week Valerie Reddell and Tim Martin talk with their longtime friend Yancy Williams about his father’s murder in 1974. They are joined by Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell, a colleague of Edd’s who continues to search for the suspects.

Edd Williams was among the first black law enforcement officers to serve in Polk County, Texas. Just a few months after he started work for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Williams was murdered when he interrupted a robbery at a Houston apartment complex.

Texas Rangers are hopeful they can find the men responsible for Williams’ tragic death.

By the end of this week’s edition, listeners will notice that Valerie has been battling bronchitis. Please pardon the coughs. (I’m feeling a lot better now, thanks.)

Suspect composite drawings

Suspect 1

Suspect 2