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Robbery spree ends with arrests

Robbery spree ends with arrests
Crime Behind the Pine Curtain

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March 10, 1978, a pair of bank robbers kidnapped John A. Gaylord, above left, hostage at his home and forced him to go to the bank and take money from the vault.

FBI agents eventually arrested Mickey Clark at a Houston motel. He was charged with kidnapping and bank robbery, as well as several earlier robberies in Livingston.

Raymond Herman Hicks of Galveston was arrested and charged with kidnapping and two counts of aggravated robbery for the grocery store holdups.


33 Who killed Billy Mac Fleming?

33 Who killed Billy Mac Fleming?

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Piper resigns office in plea agreement

In brief hearing Monday before Visiting Judge Joe Ned Dean, Constable Dana Glen “Bubba” Piper entered a guilty plea, resigned his office and surrendered his peace officer license in exchange for a sentence of 10 years deferred adjudication probation.
Piper was facing two felony charges for the unauthorized use of a county-issued credit card, reportedly by his daughter.

The plea agreement also removes the possibility of his daughter being charged in connection with the incidents.
Polk County Criminal District Attorney Lee Hon said Monday’s plea agreement also puts an end to pending misdemeanor complaints involving Piper that had been submitted to this office, but which the defendant had not been formally charged as of the hearing.
Piper pleaded guilty to tampering with a witness, a third degree felony, which could have resulted in two to 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 fine.

Piper’s resignation takes effect today, as well as the surrender of his license with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.
Piper was ordered to pay a fine of $3,340 as a fine and $3,466.07 in restitution to Polk County. The agreement spells out a monthly payment agreement as well as other fees and court costs.
In addition to monthly meetings with a probation officer, Judge Dean ordered that Piper submit to any alcohol or drug abuse programs the Community Supervision Department deems necessary as well as any mental health evaluation or treatment ordered by his probation officer.

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Corrected at 6:15 pm to correct an earlier version that misstated the punishment range. The charges were enhanced from a state jail felony to a third degree felony due to Piper’s status as a public official.