24. Who Killed Dr. Gary?

Dr. J. M. Gary was shot to death July 17, 1902 in Trinity County.  He was a practicing physician in Groveton and he was called to come to the aid of a gunshot victim at the Sylvan hotel. Howard Magee, Otho Oldacre and Wright Terry were indicted for first degree murder. They were tried before J. M. Smither in Walker County on change of venue. The shooting occurred after midnight in Groveton. L. B. Eagle had sought out the doctor to come to the aid of a gunshot victim at the Sylvan Hotel. Eagle was also murdered alongside Gary.The two murders were tried separately and … Continue reading 24. Who Killed Dr. Gary?


23 The Brother-In-Law shooting

One of the longest criminal trials in Texas history pitted Zemmie Foreman and Douglas Bergman against District Attorney J.W. Simpson. Simpson drafted two Lufkin lawyers to serve as special prosecutors. The trial was held in Livingston just 45 days after Veal’s death. The prosecution’s star witness was a high school teenager who watched the shooting from a picture window of the furniture store. The defense countered with testimony from Hunter’s baby sister who told jurors that Veal had threatened her life many times over the preceding 15 years. One piece of physical evidence was a bullet defect in Hunter’s truck … Continue reading 23 The Brother-In-Law shooting

22 Murder at Thousand Pines Ranch

GROVETON — Back in 1960, two sisters in their 60s lived quietly on a 1,100-acre ranch about nine miles north of Groveton. The sisters, Lily and Hattie Bauer, seemed to treasure the big spread, mostly for the quiet and privacy. They ran 70 head of cattle on the property, a flock of chickens and a garden. Their nearest neighbor was three miles away and the pair only occasionally had visitors. They were self-sufficient, but their nephew Marvin Bauer, 30, lived in a separate house on the ranch with his wife, Rosa, and teenage stepson. Bauer told Trinity County Sheriff Lynn … Continue reading 22 Murder at Thousand Pines Ranch