22 Murder at Thousand Pines Ranch

GROVETON — Back in 1960, two sisters in their 60s lived quietly on a 1,100-acre ranch about nine miles north of Groveton. The sisters, Lily and Hattie Bauer, seemed to treasure the big spread, mostly for the quiet and privacy. They ran 70 head of cattle on the property, a flock of chickens and a garden. Their nearest neighbor was three miles away and the pair only occasionally had visitors. They were self-sufficient, but their nephew Marvin Bauer, 30, lived in a separate house on the ranch with his wife, Rosa, and teenage stepson. Bauer told Trinity County Sheriff Lynn … Continue reading 22 Murder at Thousand Pines Ranch

The Murder of Junior Boy

On Saturday, May 13, 2006, Kevin Rashawn Wright of Houston noticed he had missed a call from his sister, Angela. He called Angela and soon learned that Angela’s boyfriend, Clayton “Junior Boy” Jones, had physically assaulted her during an argument. He planned to visit family in Livingston that day. During a trip to the store before his departure, Wright saw a friend Jackie Welch who was more commonly known as D Black. Kevin told D Black about the fight and that he was “going to the country” to see his mother for Mother’s Day. Welch asked to go too because … Continue reading The Murder of Junior Boy

20 Dennise Hayslip & Darrin Cain

Dennise Hayslip was a kind woman — that’s what her son Wade Hayslip would like most people to remember. Dennis was at home in her apartment with Darren Cain when Charles Victor Thompson forced his way in and shot Darren then Dennise. Caroline Burke wrote a great story on the double murder that was published on Heavy.com on Aug. 13, 2018. You can read it here. Thompson started dating Dennise Hayslip, who was twelve years his senior, around June 1997 and soon moved in with her. Thompson rarely worked, but relied on Hayslip and another roommate for support. Thompson became … Continue reading 20 Dennise Hayslip & Darrin Cain